For Physicians

Hospitalist Services for Physicians

AIMS hospitalists treat your patients who have been admitted to a hospital through the Emergency Department (ED) or directly by you. We provide 24-hour coverage in the hos­pital, providing patient care from admission to discharge. We do not have outpatient medical offices, so your patients will return to you for their care. Our services allow you more time in your medical office to treat your patients, while we care for your patients while they are in the hospital. While your patient is under our care, we will:

  • Check on your patients in our daily rounds or as requested;
  • Coordinate care with the patient's primary care physician and other physician specialists;
  • Coordinate scheduling for any tests or procedures that may be recommended;
  • Make sure results are reported back to you.
  • Provide Internal Medicine Consultations

The Hospitalist Benefit

Hospitalists spend nearly all of their time caring for patients who require hospital care, keeping abreast of the most advanced diagnostic tools and intensive treatment methods available. As a result, your can remain in the office and devote more time to your practice.

Direct Admission Instructions

To help ensure a seamless patient transfer, we will need the following information:
  • Caller's name
  • Referring physican and hospital
  • Contact number
  • Service being requested
  • Patient name
  • Basic patient condition

Information needed at time of transfer

  • Patient records, appropriate radiological test (films or CDs in DICOM format) and laboratory test
  • Family contact information