About Us

Adult Inpatient Medical Services is a group of Internal Medicine physicians based at the hospital full-time. We provide 24-hour coverage in the hospital and do not have outpatient medical offices. Referred to as hospitalists, we treat only patients who have been admitted to a hospital and report a patient's condition and progress back to their primary care physician. The hospitalists arrange the patients total hospital care from admission to discharge. After the patient leaves the hospital, their regular primary care doctor resumes their care.

The benefit of a hospitalist

As hospitalists, we spend nearly all of our time caring for patients who require hospital care, keeping abreast of the most advanced diagnostic tools and intensive treatment methods available. As a result, primary care physicians can be more available to their patients who need to see them in the office.

The hospitalists know their patients

Patients are referred to a hospitalist by another doctor, usually the emergency room physician or your primary care doctor. If patients do come through the emergency room and do not have a primary care physician, the hospitalist can refer them to a doctor for follow-up care.