Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) was founded in 1980 when three primary care physicians merged their practices. Since then, we have grown into a multispecialty medical group with over 335 physicians in 21 specialties taking care of approximately 400,000 central Texans. We have 21 medical offices in the Austin and surrounding communities. One in five Central Texans relies on our medical group for some component of their healthcare needs.

AIMS was established in 1998 to respond to the demand for 24-hour inpatient care at local hospitals and at the same time the demand for reliable care in the physician practice setting. AIMS Internal Medicine physicians provide 24/7 care to hospital patients, while allowing office internists to be more readily available for their patients who need to see them in the office.

Our AIMS hospitalists are available to discuss important health concerns with patients when it is most convenient for them and their families. They also call on other specialists as medically necessary and provide internal medicine consults for patients who are admitted to the hospital by their specialty care physicians.

Today, AIMS has hospitalist teams who see patients at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.